Sam Arbesman
  • "The earlier we begin having these kind of really philosophical conversations as a society, the better we're gonna be because when people are already losing their jobs for all these kinds of things, a huge swath of the population, then it's already too late. So we need to really be having these conversations right now."
  • "In technology we have to kind've actually move a little bit away from this kind of traditional engineering mindset and move almost towards a biological mindset and then take some of the ideas of how biologists might query complex biological systems and use them even for our own technological systems."
  • "I happen to be a big believer of when you're dealing with a complex system that doesn't necessarily do what you intend for it to do, you begin tinkering with it and kind of slowly but surely and iteratively changing that system to kinda get it closer to what you want. Because if you scrap the thing and start from scratch your gonna end up with another really large, complex system that you might understand even less."

Season 02 Episode 12

Our Complex Future

Featuring Sam Arbesman

From science to technology, and from society to policy, we are heading into a future of change, instability, and complexity. To explore these interesting times Scientist-in-Residence at Lux Capital Sam Arbesman joins Dirk and Jon.

Sam Arbesman, Scientist-in-Residence at Lux Capital, who professionally identifies as a Complexity Scientist, joins Dirk and Jon to explore the lattice of complexities facing us in the near and medium-term futures. Taking deep looks at everything from science, to engineering, to policy, to automation, Sam provides insight in a variety of directions, finally suggesting how we might best prepare for the post-scarcity Utopia we all hope will someday come.