Maneesh Agrawala
  • "When you have a manipulated video, it should be clear that it has been manipulated."
  • "There have been incidents in other countries, in India, for example, where video that was untrue caused riots."
  • "One way to rebuild the trust is to be more transparent about the news production process."
  • "The idea is to use VR to help people embody someone who is very different from them."

Season 02 Episode 05

Computational Media Creation

Featuring Maneesh Agrawala

Deep fakes are here, a result of astounding innovation in computational media creation. Stanford professor Maneesh Agrawala joins Dirk and Jon to talk about advances in and challenges with machine creation of video and journalism.

Maneesh Agrawala, Director of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Stanford University, joins Dirk and Jon to discuss key issues in the computational creation of media, such as video and journalism. While these sorts of technologies famously contribute to the creation of things like deep fakes, those perversions are based off groundbreaking and assistive work that promises to make the process of creating communication media, whether written or visual, more efficient and effective.