Lilli Smith
  • “Humans are still going to be critical in these design efforts because they're gonna be setting up the problems, deciding what kinds of problems to solve using machines to help them to do a better job.”
  • “The computer can actually surprise you with combinations of different inputs that you might not have thought about before.”
  • “When there are several inputs to the design, it becomes really hard for the human mind to keep track of all the combinations of those inputs.”

Season 03 Episode 06

Architecture & Generative Design

Featuring Lilli Smith

What is the role and future of generative design and machine learning in the field of architecture? Lilli Smith, Senior Product Manager AEC Generative Design at Autodesk, joins us to discuss these emerging technologies.

Architecture, in collaboration with Engineering and Construction, leads to the creation of the millions of buildings around the world. Like many other creative professions, architecture is being transformed by smartware in the form of things like generative design applications and additive fabrication, which is better known as 3d printing. Autodesk’s Lilli Smith brings more than 20 years of personal history and insight to our conversation on these topics.