Jonathan Bailey
  • “You have a person that has a point of view that is guiding and steering the neural network. Now, there are new network architectures where a neural network can train another neural network, and those are pretty interesting, but there's still someone behind that, right? So they're, currently and for the foreseeable future, there's going to be kind of a guiding hand who's steering and curating what these things are capable of.”
  • “There's a lot of buzz in the world of technology overall and I think probably a lot of snake oil and misunderstanding of what machine learning really is capable of, but on the other hand, it is a pretty spectacularly powerful technology and set of techniques that we can use in the world of music and audio.”
  • “By being able to encode some of the best practices and some of the learning that only an audio engineer would have, and it's like your virtual audio engineer buddy, now people can create recordings that will sound good enough that they could be uploaded directly to Spotify or SoundCloud.”

Season 03 Episode 10

AI & Audio Engineering

Featuring Jonathan Bailey

AI is driving innovation in the field of audio production. Jonathan Bailey, the Chief Technology Officer of iZotope, a company pioneering advances with these technologies, talks about the state-of-the-art in audio software.

As recently as 50 years ago, audio production required physical tools such as a soldering iron to achieve. With the rise of the personal computer these technical requirements have disappeared, replaced by software which handles all of the work with bits and bytes. From mixing to sound repair to post-production, machine learning-powered software like that offered by iZotope continues to automate an audio engineer’s workflow and even put professional audio production within the reach of amateurs.