Season 03 Episode 12

AI & The Art of Music

AI is being used by music groups, such as our guest this episode Claire Evans, a member of the band YACHT. Their latest album, Chain Tripping, leveraged machine learning solutions for the music, lyrics, and more.

Season 03 Episode 11

AI Composed Music

Musical composition is one of the earliest examples of human art and creativity. Today, new and original music is increasingly being composed by AI. Drew Silverstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Amper Music, joins the show.

Season 03 Episode 10

AI & Audio Engineering

AI is driving innovation in the field of audio production. Jonathan Bailey, the Chief Technology Officer of iZotope, a company pioneering advances with these technologies, talks about the state-of-the-art in audio software.

Season 03 Episode 09

Art & Technology

AI is the latest technology to spark innovation in the art world. Artist Mario Klingemann, creator of “Memories of Passersby 1” which was auctioned by Sotheby’s in 2019, talks about his work and the future of art.

Season 03 Episode 08

Art, Culture, & AI

The impact of AI and other emerging technologies is of great interest to artists, who translate that interest into insights about where the world is heading. Transmedia artist Stephanie Dinkins shares her work and insights.

Season 03 Episode 07

Evolving Digital Design

The digital design profession has undergone tumultuous change over the last decades, lessons from which inform the future of AI-driven computational design. Daniel Harvey, Head of Product Design & Brand at The Dots Global, is our guest.

Season 03 Episode 06

Architecture & Generative Design

What is the role and future of generative design and machine learning in the field of architecture? Lilli Smith, Senior Product Manager AEC Generative Design at Autodesk, joins us to discuss these emerging technologies.

Season 03 Episode 05

Computational Filmmaking

How are computational tools changing filmmaking, and how will it change the video content of the future? To explore these topics we welcome Genevieve Patterson, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of TRASH, to the show.

Season 03 Episode 04

AI Design for the Enterprise

Amy Yoshitsu, a Founder and the Head of Design for Kleeen software, joins us to talk about their vision for using machine learning to automate a variety of design and engineering tasks for enterprise software.

Season 03 Episode 03

AI-Powered Design Tools

Tatiana Mejia, Head of AI Product Marketing and Strategy at Adobe and named one of 2018’s top Silicon Valley women in AI, joins us to talk about the present and future of machine learning tools for digital designers.


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Season 03 Episode 12

AI & The Art of Music