Season 02 Episode 12

Our Complex Future

From science to technology, and from society to policy, we are heading into a future of change, instability, and complexity. To explore these interesting times Scientist-in-Residence at Lux Capital Sam Arbesman joins Dirk and Jon.

Season 02 Episode 11

The Next Billion Users

How does the rest of the world use technology? Author of The Next Billion Users Payal Arora joins Dirk and Jon to explore the use of AI and digital tech in diverse places such as India, China, Africa, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia.

Season 02 Episode 10

Marketing & Emerging Tech

How are marketing agencies adapting to smartware and emerging technologies? Tiny Giant co-founder Kerry Harrison joins Dirk and Jon to share her perspective, including explorations in techs such as chatbots and neural networks.

Season 02 Episode 09

Frontiers of Conversational Marketing

Could the future of advertising actually make our lives better? Automat co-founder and CEO Andy Mauro joins Dirk and Jon to talk about his work in conversational marketing, an attempt to align value for customers and brands.

Season 02 Episode 08

Understanding the Smart Home

Thanks to cloud computing and the Internet of Things, the smart home is on the rise. Yonomi CEO Kent Dickson joins Dirk and Jon to discuss the present and future of the smart home, and how it might become essential for you.

Season 02 Episode 07

The Lifestyle of Voice UI

Voice UI is just getting started. Karen Kaushansky, an expert in voice experiences, joins Dirk and Jon to share the technology’s progress in a variety of applications today, along with a peek to the innovations soon to come.

Season 02 Episode 06

The Future of Visual Storytelling

Television, our most universal form of visual storytelling, has undergone a digital revolution. Open Television founder AJ Christian joins Dirk and Jon to discuss the medium today and how it may change in the future.

Season 02 Episode 05

Computational Media Creation

Deep fakes are here, a result of astounding innovation in computational media creation. Stanford professor Maneesh Agrawala joins Dirk and Jon to talk about advances in and challenges with machine creation of video and journalism.

Season 02 Episode 04

AI & Augmented Storytelling

Artificial intelligence already writes stock and minor league sports blurbs. Is storytelling next? AI researcher Snigdha Chaturvedi joins Dirk and Jon to share her research projects developing AI augmented storytelling tools.

Season 02 Episode 03

NLP – Natural Language Processing

The human voice is helping to drive the future of automation. Systran and Adobe veteran Shivali Goel joins Dirk and Jon to explain how Natural Language Processing, or NLP, is powering the AI of today and tomorrow.


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Season 03 Episode 12

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