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Creative Next is a podcast exploring the impact that automation driven by artificial intelligence will have on the future of creative work.


Creative Next is organized by seasons. Each 12 episode season focuses on a particular theme related to creative work. Season 01: Learning and Season 02: Communication both ran earlier this year. Season 03: Form, will debut on Tuesday, November 12.


and more to come!


GoInvo, is a design practice dedicated to innovation in healthcare whose clients are as varied as AstraZeneca, 3M Health Information Services, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Learn more at goinvo.com.

A new kind of museum, Design Museum Foundation believes design can change the world. They’re online, nomadic, and focused on making design accessible to everyone. Their mission: bring the transformative power of design everywhere. You can learn about their exhibitions, events, magazine, and more at designmuseumfoundation.org

Asapurpose-driven rm,BIFis committed to bringing design strategy where it is needed most – health care, education, and public service to create value for our most vulnerable populations. To learn more and connect, visit them at www.bif.is.


Website: www.creativenext.org

Twitter: @GoCreativeNext

Facebook: @GoCreativeNext

Instagram: @GoCreativeNext

Email: hello@creativenext.org


Creative work is being disrupted by a seemingly unlikely source: automation. Thanks to advances in deep learning and arti cial intelligence, smart machines will signi cantly contribute to our creative work. This is a remarkable development. We need knowledge and guidance to prepare for and adapt to these advances.


Creative Next future-proofs designers, engineers, writers, researchers, and entrepreneurs to prepare for collaboration with smart machines, enabling us to positively transform your job and improve your life.


We are:

Optimistic about humanity and technology

Generous in sharing what we learn

Open-minded about our perspective

Diligent in seeking different views and insights

Vigilant about the future


Dirk Knemeyer Producer

Dirk is a social futurist, helping to imagine and implement social systems that better humanity. His research on the human condition has taken him around the world, from North Korea to Nepal, and from an anti-immigration parade in Germany to meeting with a community leader in Ferguson, Missouri. Previously a design entrepreneur, he created successful technology companies in Silicon Valley, Boston, and his native Ohio.

Jonathan Follett Producer

Jon is a writer, musician, and emerging tech researcher who is a principal at GoInvo, a design practice dedicated to innovation in healthcare. His published books include science ction novel “Marvin and the Moths” with Scholastic and “Designing for Emerging Technologies” with O’Reilly. He produces electronic dance music under the name Jonny Fallout.

Cynthia Lara Art Director

Cynthia is a creative and entrepreneur who is a principal of Fenrir Studio, a Cancun, Mexico- based agency that offers design, marketing, and social media services. She is a trained designer and illustrator whose work, in addition for studio clients, is used in various applications such as games.

Michael Hermes Audio Engineer

Michael is an audio engineer and composer and has engineered podcasts for over a decade including for the Idle Thumbs Network. He produces soundscapes and atmospheres under the name Hermbot; his latest album is Moonbase Alpha.

Elsie Escobar Executive Producer

Elsie is a ten year plus veteran in the podcasting industry and inductee to the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. Since 2007 she has worked for Libsyn, the leading podcast host and distribution network, where today she is their Community Manager and produces The Feed: The Of cial Libsyn podcast. She also co-runs She Podcasts, the largest women only Facebook group for podcasters and its podcast. She consults with podcasts of all sizes on strategy and development.


S01 E01 Carie Little Hersh

Anthropology Teaching Professor, Northeastern University

S01 E02 Tobi Bosede

Principal Engineer – Machine Learning, Capital One

S01 E03 Leandro Agro

Executive Digital Director – Design Group Italia – San Francisco Bay Area

S01 E04 – Christopher Chabris

Cognitive Scientist and Professor

S01 E05 – Noam Brown

Computer and Research Scientist

S01 E06 – Ben Saxton


S01 E07 – Stephen Anderson

Head of Practice Development, Capital One

S01 E08 – Pam Pedersen

Principal of Innovations Early College High School

S01 E09 Ben Nelson

Founder, Minerva Schools

S01 E10 Vaidheeswaran Archana

Research Engineer, Saama Technologies

S01 E11 Jessica Yung

Talent & Deal Scout, Backed VC

S01 E12 Katja Grace

Head of AI Impacts


S02 E01 Erica Lee

Executive Director & Founder, WomenOfAI.org

S02 E02 Lee Humphreys

Associate Professor, Department
of Communication, Cornell University

S02 E03 – Shivali Goel

MS student at Columbia
University, New York

S02 E04 – Snigdha Chaturvedi

Assistant Professor/University of California, Santa Cruz

S02 E05 – Maneesh Agrawala

Director, Brown Institute for
Media Innovation Stanford University

S02 E06 – AJ Christian

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University

S02 E07 – Karen Kaushansky

Experience Designer focusing
on Conversation & Natural Interfaces

S02 E08 – Kent Dickson

Co-Founder & CEO, Yonomi

S02 E09 – Andy Mauro

Co-founder and CEO at

S02 E010 – Kerry Harrison

Co-Founder and Director of
Tiny Giant

S02 E011 – Payal Arora

Author of The Next Billion
Users, Associate Professor, Department of Media and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam

S02 E012 – Sam Arbesman

Scientist in Residence at Lux

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