Katja Grace
  • "We've recently seen a lot of progress in automating some things that are part of normal human functioning that we hadn't previously been able to do that are key to most work."
  • "If we have quite good AI and not very good robotics, we might try to push more tasks into virtual places where you don't need to deal with the real world."
  • "We asked when AI would be able to basically write a new Taylor Swift song as well as Taylor Swift can so that a dedicated Taylor Swift fan would not be able to tell the difference."
  • "I guess the question is are humans as intelligent as a thing can be?"

Season 01 Episode 12

When Will AI Exceed Human Performance?

Featuring Katja Grace

Researcher Katja Grace joins Dirk and Jon to discuss upcoming AI achievements. We then explore expert predictions in Katja’s research paper, When Will AI Exceed Human Performance?, to project when key advances will happen.

AI researcher Katja Grace joins Dirk and Jon to talk about her work. In 2016 Katja led a research project that gathered input from hundreds of AI experts to speculate about the timeframe in which different advances would be completed. We talk about the many predictions from her paper, When Will AI Exceed Human Performance?, spanning practical applications like self-driving cars and generating pop songs to longitudinal questions of high-level machine intelligence and artificial general intelligence.


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