Karen Kaushansky
  • "I'm a firm believer of technology to augment humans and not replace humans."
  • "When I say 'Call Mom,' is it me saying 'Call Mom' versus my husband saying 'Call Mom'? Whose Mom are we calling?"
  • "Everyone also is like, 'Why is Amazon coming out with a microwave?' Like 'Why do you need to talk to your microwave?' But to be able to say to your microwave, 'Make me a baked potato.'"
  • "There are conversations that people just don't wanna have and chatbots and voice assistants are really good at that."

Season 02 Episode 07

The Lifestyle of Voice UI

Featuring Karen Kaushansky

Voice UI is just getting started. Karen Kaushansky, an expert in voice experiences, joins Dirk and Jon to share the technology’s progress in a variety of applications today, along with a peek to the innovations soon to come.

Experience designer Karen Kaushansky, who has specialized in voice experiences for some 20 years, joins Dirk and Jon to give us a sweeping view into the present and future of voice UI in our everyday lives. From chatbots and voice assistants, to smart homes and workspaces, to the integration of voice into the driverless cars of our future, Karen provides an essential survey of how this emerging technology will actually impact us on a daily basis.