AJ Christian
  • “One of my concerns is, will automated technologies make us think that it doesn't matter that people get to tell their stories?”
  • “Culture is so complicated. It's ever changing, so diverse. It's very difficult for AI to really understand how to develop culture in a way that actually will be sustainable to a business independent of human intervention.”
  • “Humans exist through storytelling, and our world is shifting all the time. And we're in the world first before the machines are.”
  • “The barriers to entry are lower so people who had been historically excluded can now make their own TV shows and distribute them.”

Season 02 Episode 06

The Future of Visual Storytelling

Featuring AJ Christian

Television, our most universal form of visual storytelling, has undergone a digital revolution. Open Television founder AJ Christian joins Dirk and Jon to discuss the medium today and how it may change in the future.

AJ Christian, the author of Open TV, Founder and Head of Development at Open Television, and Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University, joins Dirk and Jon to take a deep dive into television. Moving from past to present to future and analyzing the development and distribution sides from both a corporate and independent perspective, Dr. Christian provides a rich foundation to explore. We delve into computational augmentation, automation, and the social opportunities and challenges that the present and future have to offer.