Carie Little Hersh
  • "The keys to our destruction and our salvation are in the same place."
  • "You can't have big egos in small groups."
  • "It's like trying to make the fish see the water."
  • "The idea of technology saving us really warms the cockles of my heart."

Season 01 Episode 01

Technology and the Origins of Creativity

Featuring Carie Little Hersh

Which came first, technology or humanity? The answer might surprise you. Anthropologist Carie Little Hersh joins Dirk and Jon to look at creativity, technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) through the lens of science.

Anthropologist Carie Little Hersh kicks off our journey to future-proof creatives. Dr. Hersh helps us explore the evolution of creativity and technology. We discuss the relationships between humanity, technology, and creativity, how and why humans develop technology, and whether Steven Pinker’s contention that this is the best time to be alive is really true.