Poker, Artificial Intelligence & Learning
  • "When you're in a hand, you're never gonna be able to process what these solvers are offering up to you."
  • "What do we do with all this complexity? I can barely explain what a solver does, let alone how to interpret it."
  • "Just imagine a player who has software that can tell him how to play GTO style in game. How do you beat that player?"
  • "The most successful classrooms that I've been a part of are collaborative and dialogic."

Season 01 Episode 06

Poker, Artificial Intelligence & Learning

Featuring Ben Saxton

The Libratus AI beating top poker pros is just the public face of a revolution in poker strategy. Journalist Ben Saxton joins Dirk and Jon to explain poker engines, cutting-edge strategy, and tips on how to learn.

Poker is undergoing a revolution in strategy thanks in part to AI-driven poker engines that enable precise computation of game theory optimal, or GTO, strategy. Based on physicist John Nash’s “equilibrium”, GTO is professionalizing a game historically known more for cigar smoke and degenerate gamblers than extremely complex math. Journalist, teacher, and poker player Ben Saxton joins Dirk and Jon to go inside these developments.