Lee Humphreys
  • "As long as users are only on phones, they will at best be consumers of the technology and not developers or producers of it."
  • "Throughout much of the 19th century, diaries were also shared. So people would come visit and you might sit down and look through your diary together."
  • "Machines have a difficult time interpreting power."
  • "As we diversify the builders. the designers, the coders of these technologies, we will see greater diversity in the potential audiences and users that they can serve."

Season 02 Episode 02

Origins of Social Media

Featuring Lee Humphreys

Social media connects friends and strangers as never before. Cornell’s Lee Humphreys, author of The Qualified Self, joins Dirk and Jon to explore centuries-old social traditions now updated for a world of mobile and AI technology.

Author of The Qualified Self and Cornell University Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Lee Humphreys joins Dirk and Jon to explore the past of social communication in order to better understand its present and future. We learn how ancient technologies like fans and old traditions like diarying frame modern social media and communication less as a revolution and more like an update for the digital age.