Kerry Harrison
  • "Outside of marketing of course, creative thinking skills are going to be needed to provide innovative solutions to some of the world's biggest problems."
  • "So whether your advertising or marketing promotes joy or whether it pulls at the heartstrings or whether it surprises people, or even if it enrages them, it just needs to make people feel something. And then I think if you don't feel anything, you don't do anything."
  • "Gartner predicted that 25% of customer service and support operations will use some form of chatbot technology by 2020 which was up from 2% in 2017."
  • "There's been a lot said recently about the death of advertising agencies, but I still feel there's a very much a place for agencies."

Season 02 Episode 10

Marketing & Emerging Tech

Featuring Kerry Harrison

How are marketing agencies adapting to smartware and emerging technologies? Tiny Giant co-founder Kerry Harrison joins Dirk and Jon to share her perspective, including explorations in techs such as chatbots and neural networks.

Kerry Harrison, a co-founder of Bristol, U.K. marketing agency Tiny Giant, joins Dirk and Jon to talk about the work her firm is in areas such as AI, chatbots, and neural networks. A veteran marketing professional, Kerry also shares her thoughtful take on the future of agencies, how marketing and emerging technologies can synergize, and what marketers need to do in order to adapt to the changing face of future technology.