Jessica Yung
  • "It's much harder to deploy machine learning models on the internet than on a fixed dataset that you have on your computer."
  • "The main difficulty in having machine learning transform personalization is that it's very hard to get access to all of the data for a person."
  • "We've shifted more into the age that people are creating things for free but are hoping to reap the rewards later."
  • "Even if you've just started learning to code for three months, you can create an article that people go to when they start learning to code."

Season 01 Episode 11

Innovation in Lifelong Learning

Featuring Jessica Yung

What is the future of lifelong learning? Entrepreneur Jessica Yung joins Dirk and Jon to discuss methods, philosophies, and companies active at the leading edge of self-directed learning.

Entrepreneur Jessica Yung joins Dirk and Jon to talk about trends in lifelong learning. Building from her experience at the University of Cambridge and her current Research Masters studies in Computational Statistics and Machine Learning, Jessica explores the do-it-yourself ethos and tools for both teaching and learning that make knowledge more accessible than ever.