Stephen Anderson
  • "By and large we are social creatures and we learn best together."
  • "There's plenty of research showing when we use our whole body, we're more likely to remember stuff. So if someone was teaching me as a student, that teacher would encourage me to stand up and use my whole body."
  • "So I look at Minecraft as an example. And I know Minecraft is quite explicitly being used in education now, but even before that, Minecraft is a learning environment. It's created first and foremost as a play space, but precisely because of the under specified nature of the game."
  • "As long as we've learned how to learn, we knew where to go to get that information or to find the answer, I would say learning how to learn and developing a love of learning. If you can get that right, then the rest will follow."

Season 01 Episode 07

How Humans Learn

Featuring Stephen Anderson

How do we best learn? Design philosopher Stephen Anderson joins Dirk and Jon to explore various ways that people learn. The conversation spans kinetic learning, games as educational tools, and traditional theories like Montessori.

The sciences are learning more about us and our world at a ferocious pace. One of the wonderful consequences is we have a clearer idea of how we, ourselves, can best learn. Capital One’s Head of Practice Development Stephen Anderson joins Dirk and Jon to explore leading edge learning theory, particularly as applied in professional environments.


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