Pam Pedersen
  • "To use school within a school for kids who need to go faster and who are ready to just soar off into like college and be our leaders of tomorrow."
  • "Instead of saying ‘I teach science’ they say ‘I have mentee students that I help through high school’. It's a very different mindset."
  • "Let's design a way for you to get through this whole year of curriculum as fast as you want."
  • "Some students we don't see very often because they're full time college students even though they're still in high school."

Season 01 Episode 08

High School Innovations

Featuring Pam Pedersen

What is the state-of-the-art in high school education? Principal Pam Pedersen joins Dirk and Jon to talk about the approach of and experience at her school, Innovations Early College High School.

Innovations Early College High School, a choice school within the Salt Lake City School District, offers a progressive program designed to best facilitate successful preparation for and transition into college. Principal Pam Pedersen joins Dirk and Jon to talk about their philosophy, student experience, and teaching life and responsibilities. While technology plays a key role the biggest surprises have to do with their approach.


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