Genevieve Patterson
  • “My big issue with lots of public use of artificial intelligence, especially in life threatening situations, in extreme situations that affect people's lives, is that there's no regulatory agency to check whether or not they're working, or achieving the objectives of the law enforcement body or of the citizens.”
  • “Machine learning systems, the way they're set up, they'll just give you the wrong answer. And you don't know that it's the wrong answer because it's not telling you.”
  • “When you create machine learning systems, those systems can only possibly understand or know the data that is fed to them at the beginning. And it is very easy to feed them the wrong data, to feed them images that don't apply to the context in which the system will be used.”
  • “I'm excited about trying to figure out how to automate that super laborious, manual technique.”

Season 03 Episode 05

Computational Filmmaking

Featuring Genevieve Patterson

How are computational tools changing filmmaking, and how will it change the video content of the future? To explore these topics we welcome Genevieve Patterson, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of TRASH, to the show.

Tools like those offered by TRASH, Genevieve Patterson’s software that uses AI to make and share video, are beginning to edit video automagically for people. While these are currently limited to short, simple, social media-style videos the underlying machine learning technologies are building toward something far more.