Tatiana Mejia
  • “We're finding patterns, we're taking that computer vision and helping to enrich the information so that for the user, it just feels like magic.”
  • “I think that AI is a necessary and important tool that will help us cope and meet the demands of, all of this content velocity, of being on 24/7, of having to stand out from the crowd.”
  • “It's also going to lower the bar for some of these things that I don't know that a professional would think of as creative, but I would say as a business person, we may be intimidated by.”
  • “The designer sets the creative intent. They know what they want to do. They may even create the first one. But even if you think about for production or post production, creating the variations, that's where AI is very powerful. It also helps with the ideation and being able to create all of those different versions.”

Season 03 Episode 03

AI-Powered Design Tools

Featuring Tatiana Mejia

Tatiana Mejia, Head of AI Product Marketing and Strategy at Adobe and named one of 2018’s top Silicon Valley women in AI, joins us to talk about the present and future of machine learning tools for digital designers.

Tatiana Mejia, Head of AI Product Marketing and Strategy at Adobe and one of Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 2018 top Silicon Valley women in AI, joins the show. She takes us into the world of Adobe Sensei, the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that is impacting all of the software company’s key applications. We discuss the design tasks that are already being automated, how business users will increasingly benefit from additional design capabilities, and how Adobe will help evolve the practice of design.