Amy Yoshitsu
  • “What makes software a good candidate for automation? Consistency. What makes good UX, what makes good code, or even good features? It is consistency. We were able to determine patterns and repetition in something, and that something may be a good candidate for automation if we can do that.”
  • “When designers are creating wonderful things and working with engineers who aren't totally bogged down by the tedious tasks on their end, they can be excited about and engaged in making the product they're working on its best.”
  • “The process is about making connections and determining patterns, and then the goal is to automate those patterns away.”

Season 03 Episode 04

AI Design for the Enterprise

Featuring Amy Yoshitsu

Amy Yoshitsu, a Founder and the Head of Design for Kleeen software, joins us to talk about their vision for using machine learning to automate a variety of design and engineering tasks for enterprise software.

She introduces us to the plans of her startup, Kleeen Software, which aspires to transform enterprise software by automating a variety of design and engineering tasks. Amy also talks about how Kleeen hopes to level up remote collaboration in the process, shared in part from the perspective of their own distributed team and model.