Josh Clark
  • “The stuff that the machines do best is rarely the stuff that humans do best.”
  • “I choose to be optimistic. That I see that these are powerful tools that can be used for good and for bad. And I think that that's all the more reason why we need, um, designers and people who, who really, uh, kind of care about the human experience to be involved in these things so that they don't just serve more cynical powers.”
  • “Instead of searching just for, for text or for concepts, we are able to search for emotion now.”
  • “You can take a picture of a, of a wire frame sketch and it will generate a full, uh, design in sketch and in HTML, essentially mapping the familiar or symbols of wire frames into complete design patterns.”

Season 03 Episode 02

AI as Design Material

Featuring Josh Clark

AI isn’t just changing the tools designers use; it is a new design material that can be harnesses to enhance the experiences we design. Josh Clark, founder and principal of design studio Big Medium, joins the show to discuss.

Josh Clark, Founder and Principal of design studio Big Medium, has spoken and published around the world on his notion that designers should view AI as their newest design material. Available to use in solutions similar to other existing materials like pixels, code, and papyrus, AI in general and machine learning in particular offer a compelling array of features and opportunities for designers to innovate and improve their designed experiences in important ways.