Season 03 Episode 12

AI & The Art of Music

AI is being used by music groups, such as our guest this episode Claire Evans, a member of the band YACHT. Their latest album, Chain Tripping, leveraged machine learning solutions for the music, lyrics, and more.

Season 03 Episode 11

AI Composed Music

Musical composition is one of the earliest examples of human art and creativity. Today, new and original music is increasingly being composed by AI. Drew Silverstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Amper Music, joins the show.

Season 03 Episode 10

AI & Audio Engineering

AI is driving innovation in the field of audio production. Jonathan Bailey, the Chief Technology Officer of iZotope, a company pioneering advances with these technologies, talks about the state-of-the-art in audio software.

Season 03 Episode 09

Art & Technology

AI is the latest technology to spark innovation in the art world. Artist Mario Klingemann, creator of “Memories of Passersby 1” which was auctioned by Sotheby’s in 2019, talks about his work and the future of art.

Season 03 Episode 08

Art, Culture, & AI

The impact of AI and other emerging technologies is of great interest to artists, who translate that interest into insights about where the world is heading. Transmedia artist Stephanie Dinkins shares her work and insights.

Season 03 Episode 07

Evolving Digital Design

The digital design profession has undergone tumultuous change over the last decades, lessons from which inform the future of AI-driven computational design. Daniel Harvey, Head of Product Design & Brand at The Dots Global, is our guest.

Season 03 Episode 06

Architecture & Generative Design

What is the role and future of generative design and machine learning in the field of architecture? Lilli Smith, Senior Product Manager AEC Generative Design at Autodesk, joins us to discuss these emerging technologies.

Season 03 Episode 05

Computational Filmmaking

How are computational tools changing filmmaking, and how will it change the video content of the future? To explore these topics we welcome Genevieve Patterson, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of TRASH, to the show.

Season 03 Episode 04

AI Design for the Enterprise

Amy Yoshitsu, a Founder and the Head of Design for Kleeen software, joins us to talk about their vision for using machine learning to automate a variety of design and engineering tasks for enterprise software.

Season 03 Episode 03

AI-Powered Design Tools

Tatiana Mejia, Head of AI Product Marketing and Strategy at Adobe and named one of 2018’s top Silicon Valley women in AI, joins us to talk about the present and future of machine learning tools for digital designers.

Season 03 Episode 02

AI as Design Material

AI isn’t just changing the tools designers use; it is a new design material that can be harnesses to enhance the experiences we design. Josh Clark, founder and principal of design studio Big Medium, joins the show to discuss.

Season 03 Episode 01

A Theory of Design

To understand the history and nature of design we invited one of the most important design theorists practicing today. Richard Buchanan, author of Discovering Design and a professor in the United States and China, joins the show.

Season 02 Episode 12

Our Complex Future

From science to technology, and from society to policy, we are heading into a future of change, instability, and complexity. To explore these interesting times Scientist-in-Residence at Lux Capital Sam Arbesman joins Dirk and Jon.

Season 02 Episode 11

The Next Billion Users

How does the rest of the world use technology? Author of The Next Billion Users Payal Arora joins Dirk and Jon to explore the use of AI and digital tech in diverse places such as India, China, Africa, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia.

Season 02 Episode 10

Marketing & Emerging Tech

How are marketing agencies adapting to smartware and emerging technologies? Tiny Giant co-founder Kerry Harrison joins Dirk and Jon to share her perspective, including explorations in techs such as chatbots and neural networks.

Season 02 Episode 09

Frontiers of Conversational Marketing

Could the future of advertising actually make our lives better? Automat co-founder and CEO Andy Mauro joins Dirk and Jon to talk about his work in conversational marketing, an attempt to align value for customers and brands.

Season 02 Episode 08

Understanding the Smart Home

Thanks to cloud computing and the Internet of Things, the smart home is on the rise. Yonomi CEO Kent Dickson joins Dirk and Jon to discuss the present and future of the smart home, and how it might become essential for you.

Season 02 Episode 07

The Lifestyle of Voice UI

Voice UI is just getting started. Karen Kaushansky, an expert in voice experiences, joins Dirk and Jon to share the technology’s progress in a variety of applications today, along with a peek to the innovations soon to come.

Season 02 Episode 06

The Future of Visual Storytelling

Television, our most universal form of visual storytelling, has undergone a digital revolution. Open Television founder AJ Christian joins Dirk and Jon to discuss the medium today and how it may change in the future.

Season 02 Episode 05

Computational Media Creation

Deep fakes are here, a result of astounding innovation in computational media creation. Stanford professor Maneesh Agrawala joins Dirk and Jon to talk about advances in and challenges with machine creation of video and journalism.

Season 02 Episode 04

AI & Augmented Storytelling

Artificial intelligence already writes stock and minor league sports blurbs. Is storytelling next? AI researcher Snigdha Chaturvedi joins Dirk and Jon to share her research projects developing AI augmented storytelling tools.

Season 02 Episode 03

NLP – Natural Language Processing

The human voice is helping to drive the future of automation. Systran and Adobe veteran Shivali Goel joins Dirk and Jon to explain how Natural Language Processing, or NLP, is powering the AI of today and tomorrow.

Season 02 Episode 02

Origins of Social Media

Social media connects friends and strangers as never before. Cornell’s Lee Humphreys, author of The Qualified Self, joins Dirk and Jon to explore centuries-old social traditions now updated for a world of mobile and AI technology.

Season 02 Episode 01

UI & Artificial Intelligence

We communicate with artificial intelligence via user interface, or UI. AI innovator Erica Lee joins Dirk and Jon to talk about the present and future of people communication with our smart machines.

Season 01 Episode 12

When Will AI Exceed Human Performance?

Researcher Katja Grace joins Dirk and Jon to discuss upcoming AI achievements. We then explore expert predictions in Katja’s research paper, When Will AI Exceed Human Performance?, to project when key advances will happen.

Season 01 Episode 11

Innovation in Lifelong Learning

What is the future of lifelong learning? Entrepreneur Jessica Yung joins Dirk and Jon to discuss methods, philosophies, and companies active at the leading edge of self-directed learning.

Season 01 Episode 10

Student-Driven Learning

How do ambitious and driven students enhance their educational experience? Research engineer and recent graduate Vaidheeswaran Archana joins Dirk and Jon to talk AI and share her educational experiences.

Season 01 Episode 09

Higher Education Innovations

What is the state-of-the-art in higher education? Ben Nelson, the founder of Minerva Schools, joins Dirk and Jon to share his innovative approach to higher education and the unique experience offered by his institution.

Season 01 Episode 08

High School Innovations

What is the state-of-the-art in high school education? Principal Pam Pedersen joins Dirk and Jon to talk about the approach of and experience at her school, Innovations Early College High School.

Season 01 Episode 07

How Humans Learn

How do we best learn? Design philosopher Stephen Anderson joins Dirk and Jon to explore various ways that people learn. The conversation spans kinetic learning, games as educational tools, and traditional theories like Montessori.

Season 01 Episode 06

Poker, Artificial Intelligence & Learning

The Libratus AI beating top poker pros is just the public face of a revolution in poker strategy. Journalist Ben Saxton joins Dirk and Jon to explain poker engines, cutting-edge strategy, and tips on how to learn.

Season 01 Episode 05

How AI Solved Poker

How did Libratus AI beat some of the top heads-up poker pros in the world? Libratus co-creator Noam Brown joins Dirk and Jon to talk about how Libratus taught itself and devised innovative strategies to conquer this popular game

Season 01 Episode 04

How AI Superiority Changes Human Endeavor

How has AI changed chess since Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov in 1997? Cognitive scientist Christopher Chabris joins Dirk and Jon to talk about the evolution of chess in the machine era, and how it will inform future impacts of AI.

Season 01 Episode 03

Smartware and emerging technologies

Which technologies synergize with artificial intelligence? Leandro Agro joins Dirk and Jon to explore big data, the Internet of Things, virtual and augmented realities, 3d printing, and the identity graph.

Season 01 Episode 02

Understanding artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence? It’s not what media and entertainment are making us believe. Tobi Bosede joins Dirk and Jon to demystify AI and help us better see the path ahead.

Season 01 Episode 01

Technology and the Origins of Creativity

Which came first, technology or humanity? The answer might surprise you. Anthropologist Carie Little Hersh joins Dirk and Jon to look at creativity, technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) through the lens of science.


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Season 03 Episode 12

AI & The Art of Music